Francisco de Goya- Execution Of The Defenders Of Madrid 3rd May 1808 (1814)  



Francisco de Goya- Saturn Devouring One Of His Children (1823)  



Francisco de Goya- The Second Of May 1808 The Charge Of The Mamelukes (1814)  


The Road to Serfdom

This gallery of Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” is inspired by a post on Instapundit. Click the pic to read. This was published after WW2, when the West had been eyeball-to-eyeball with Fascism and Socialism for decades, so the imagery is a little dated. The…


Hey Hey

Francisco de Goya- Two Monks-1823  



Francisco de Goya- Witches Sabbath-1789  



Francisco de Goya- Witches in the Air-1798