Disney buys LucasArts; World to End Tomorrow

UPDATE: No, I’m not joking


“Savagely self-correcting”

BuzzFeed isn’t normally my cup of tea, but this article caught my eye –

There was no¬†shark¬†in Brigantine and certainly no¬†beached seal¬†in¬†Manhattan. The NYSE trading floor did not flood, and the 10 or more¬†Con Edison workers trapped at a damaged plant turned out¬†not to exist.¬†These rumors were briefly and embarrassingly juxtaposed in users’¬†Twitter timelines with real and often devastating stories about lives¬†and property that had been destroyed, people in need of help, and a¬†city’s infrastructure buckling under the weight of a historic storm.

But more important, perhaps, we already know they’re false.

Twitter’s capacity to spread false information is more than cancelled¬†out by its savage self-correction. In response to thousands of¬†retweets of erroneous Weather Channel and CNN reports that the New¬†York Stock Exchange had been flooded with “three feet” of water, Twitter users, some reporters¬†and many not, were relentless: Photos of the outside of the building,¬†flood-free, were posted. Knowledgeable parties weighed in.

Twitter may end up being the most accurate news source¬†available- especially since the MSM has apparently totally abdicated any¬†responsibility¬†beyond¬†being a left-wing cheerleader and meme-perpetrator. Just be sure to apply the 24- and sometimes 48- hour rule to anything that isn’t immediately verified (and¬†cheer-leading¬†“me too”¬†responses¬†don’t count)- pictures or video or it didn’t happen.

As always, though, YMMV.


Sandy in pictures

I scoured these from Twitter’n’other places- all rights reserved to those who took them, natch.

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Looks like NY just had their very own Katrina.