Jeez, what could have possibly happened?

News from Iran:

Mystery Surrounds Fordow Blast

Jerusalem, Jan 27. – Media reports Sunday suggest a damaging explosion at Iran’s top-secret Fordow nuclear development site took place last week, leaving as many as 190 workers dead.

Following the blast, the main road from Qom to Tehran was closed for several hours, the German newspaperDie Welt reported. If the reports are to be believed, the explosion was perhaps the most serious blow against the Iranian nuclear program to date.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented Sunday as the world marked international Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Iranians were continuing both to deny the Holocaust and pursue their goal of destroying the Jewish state. “They are not halting their unceasing and methodical race to obtain atomic weapons for the purpose of realizing this goal. We are not taking these threats lightly.”


Paging Mossad to the white courtesy phone, please…

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Colorized Civil War pics

Someone has taken the time to use modern colorizing and retouching tools to some old Civil War photographs, with breathtaking results–



From the comments: “Probably the most spectacular display of male facial hair growth I’ve ever seen” , heh. For an old Civil War buff (the South is full of ‘em) it’s pretty cool to see these gentlemen come to life like this.