Things that make you go “hmmm…”



I don’t know how many of you were fans of the scifi show Stargate SG-1, but doesn’t Obama have an uncanny resemblance to Apophis from the show? Most times I see Preznit 3-Putt I keep waiting for his eyes to glow or that Egyptian headdress to pop up.

Just sayin’.

Maybe he dresses up that way on Hallowe’en.


December 8 is Pretend to be a Time-Traveller Day!

Wanted- go back in time


Walk up to random people and say ‘WHAT YEAR IS THIS?’ and when they tell you, get quiet and then say ‘Then there’s still time!’ and run off.


Sometimes there’s a man, doin’ what a man’s gotta do

Carrying on with the theme from this post, I present:

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