The Thing under the boat

Terry Fan's The Whale.png

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it lurking just under the surface? I can and I think you can as well. The Greeks knew it as “Nemesis.” Melville’s Ahab knew it as “thou damned whale” and he struck at it from Hell’s heart. Unperturbed it gathered him up and took him down. Then it took the boat and after that the ship. All save one followed. The whale beneath the surface of America’s life is still there and all signs point to its breaching soon. Exactly where and exactly how are still unknown, but soon.

It’s large and it’s under the boat and it is beginning to rise. The crew is confused and flailing about. And the captain is insane but convinced he’s on the right course. During the boom years it was commonly said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” True enough, but the rising of Leviathan can break the spine of our boat and send it down into the Maelstrom.

Coming soon to a civilization near you.


It’s all a God-damned lie

Every one of them

Every gorram institution I every trusted at any point in my life is now filled with LIARS.

Education. Science. Literature. And now this-

Semper Lie: Marine Corps Commandant James Amos padded resume

So our Military has become as corrupt as the rest of this travesty of a governing class. He took an OATH. That MEANS something.

No. fucking. honor. anywhere.

Juiceboxers and Participation Award Winners, every one of ‘em. [SPIT]

Collapse and reckoning cannot come too soon, for I despair for my country and people.



O Brave New World, that has such people in it

Kevin D. Williamson of NRO has a slightly hilarious take on the predicament a married lesbian couple find themselves in- they placed an order for a baby and it turned out, in their minds, to be, well, deficient-

While one must pity the poor little girl who is being treated like a defective Honda Civic, it’s a delicious clash of progressive pieties. The mother — and somehow I suspect that I’ll be informed five minutes from now that it is wicked to call the half of the couple who carried the child and gave birth the “mother” — Jennifer Cramblett, among other things complains that it is difficult to find a place to get her daughter a decent haircut. It should be a hoot watching her make that case in court. I’m a white, conservative guy from Texas, and even I know better than to go skipping merrily into the cultural minefield that is black women’s hair, a subject that calls to mind my favorite cowboy proverb: “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

Poor little girl- ordered like a steak at a restaurant and doomed to always know how disappointed her “parents” were with her. The narcissism and self-regard on display here are breathtaking. Yes, it’s a wonderful world you folks are building.

There will be a reckoning, in this life or the next.