O Brave New World, that has such people in it

Kevin D. Williamson of NRO has a slightly hilarious take on the predicament a married lesbian couple find themselves in- they placed an order for a baby and it turned out, in their minds, to be, well, deficient-

While one must pity the poor little girl who is being treated like a defective Honda Civic, it’s a delicious clash of progressive pieties. The mother — and somehow I suspect that I’ll be informed five minutes from now that it is wicked to call the half of the couple who carried the child and gave birth the “mother” — Jennifer Cramblett, among other things complains that it is difficult to find a place to get her daughter a decent haircut. It should be a hoot watching her make that case in court. I’m a white, conservative guy from Texas, and even I know better than to go skipping merrily into the cultural minefield that is black women’s hair, a subject that calls to mind my favorite cowboy proverb: “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

Poor little girl- ordered like a steak at a restaurant and doomed to always know how disappointed her “parents” were with her. The narcissism and self-regard on display here are breathtaking. Yes, it’s a wonderful world you folks are building.

There will be a reckoning, in this life or the next.


How DARE you encrypt that data?!?


Fred on Everything has some thoughts on Apple, Google, and overweening government power:

I read that Apple and Google have begun encrypting the data of customers so that nobody, including Apple and Google, have plaintext access to it. This of course means “so that the government will not have access to it.” The FBI is terribly upset about this, the first serious resistance against onrushing Orwellianism. God bless Apple and Google. But will they be able to stand up to the feds?

Here is a curious situation indeed. The government has become our enemy, out of control, and we have to depend on computer companies for any safety we may have.

NSA spies on us illegally and in detail, recording telephone conversations, reading email, recording our financial transactions, on and on. TSA makes air travel a nightmare, forcing us to hop about barefoot and confiscating toothpaste. The police kick in our doors at night on no-knock raids and shoot our dogs. In bus stations we are subject to search without probable cause. The feds track us through our cell phones. Laws make it a crime to photograph the police, an out-and-out totalitarian step: Cockroaches do not like light. The feds give police forces across the country weaponry normal to militaries. Whatever the intention, it is the hardware of control of dissent. Think Tian An Men Square in China.

Not to mention that you better not be carrying any amount of cash- the cops will just confiscate it, and good luck getting it back. Like this.

You could do worse than read Fred’s blog- but be prepared to be offended, he pulls no punches and does not suffer fools.

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