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New Music- The Broken Paladin


New Music Thursday at TechnoChitlins – Winter Walk

Winter Walk

Winter Walk

TechnoChitlins EP2018

New Music Wednesday on TechnoChitlins – Bouncy Thursday


Remixed Music Wednesday on TechnoChitlins – Spice Pond Road

Added a little magic dust, now it sounds like I want it. Don’t turn left on Spice Pond Road…

New Music Monday at TechnoChitlins – Oh Lord, I’m So Cold

ghazayel 2017 (modified)

Just in time for the eclipse, a little bluesy ditty

New Music Friday on TechnoChitlins – 25 Gnomes

Everybody needs some strange in their life at times…


Chovarthed – New Music Wednesday!

This is kind of a tribute to John Carpenter’s movie music, which I always found compelling enough for it to be my mental music accompanying any horror/scifi film I watched… very much rootsy stuff. Enjoy – and Turn It Up!

(Prolly a bit of Jean-Michel Jarré in there too haha)

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