Battle of New Orleans?

Wow, it looks like it’s gonna suck to be in Nawlins

This particular forecast is, as Maue says, a nightmare. There’s just been much more uncertainty than with most hurricanes, and that remains true, even at this late date.

As an aside, it looks like Isaac may be upgraded to a hurricane — or else very, very nearly one — at 5:00 PM Eastern. Stay tuned.

I have friends in Metairie- I surely hope it doesn’t play out like it’s looking now. For Mobile though, looks like just a good drenching.

If some of those models play out the midwestern U.S.  drought may just be about to end.


Any minute now

This is like waiting on your date on prom night (for us guys)-

Mebbe Izzy will, mebbe Izzy won’t. Later today might tell the tale, but there’s just as good a chance he will get to the middle of the Gulf this afternoon and just sit there thinking. Looks good for us right now but kind of sucky for Nawlins. Waiting, waiting…


This can’t be good

Brendan Loy has a disturbing post up-

In a bizarrely low-key press conference that seemed more focused on calming residents’ “anxiety” and vaguely telling them to “be prepared” (and then making of a series of mundane announcements about municipal matters like trash collection and parking restrictions) than on advising them to take specific, concrete steps commensurate to the risk of a possibly major hurricane potentially making a direct hit on America’s most hurricane-vulnerable city starting in about 48 hours, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu did his best Ray Nagin impression Sunday, announcing a no-evacuation, “shelter in place” plan that suggests a stunning level of confidence that a worst-case scenario won’t happen, at a time when it remains, meteorologically speaking, very much in play.

The possibility that residents would be “sheltering in place” in a “place” the could, in the worst-case scenario, be swallowed up by the Gulf of Mexico, was not mentioned.

Maybe it would be better if the dang thing did hit Mississippi- at least poor Nawlins wouldn’t drown so much. So Much being the operative phrase- being to the left of a blow is much worse than on the right.


July 20, 1969 20:18 UTC

I was 16, fully a child of the America of the Sixties and all that entailed, but, as a lifelong fan of science-fiction, I was completely transfixed by this.

[jwplayer mediaid=”246″]

At the time, I thought that within my lifetime I’d see colonies on the moon and Mars, and an ever-more-ambitious space program taking us further and further towards the stars. In some ways, that came to be, and I live daily with wonders both near and far that I could not have imagined in that long-ago place and time. I don’t think that we have somehow “failed” as a nation for not fulfilling all those dreams, but I do regret that it turned out to be so much further from our reach than it seemed then. Dammit, where’s my flying car?

Then I look around me at the technology and ease we take so much for granted, and think back to Isaac Newton:

If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.

Those men- those three men- Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins- were giants standing on the shoulders of giants. Because of them,we see further even today.

Oddly enough, I look at this… video (it’s still a ‘film’ in my 20th-century molded mind)- and I still hope for the future. What wonders will my children see, and their children beyond them? The journey’s just begun!