3D Cinema and TV- an observation

The hands-on, absolutely. best. frickin. statement. about 3d in video entertainment today (I’m looking at you, James Cameron).

And really, it seems fitting that the first 3D film I actually want to see is one that doesn’t have a storyline. Up until now, the extra dimension granted by 3D cinematography has contributed little but distraction to the experience of following one as it unfolds. It’s like nailing Mel Gibson to the side of a taxi: people will stare, probably pay more to see it, but ultimately it’ll only distract passengers from enjoying the ride.

…3D movies — hugely expensive investments of mass generic appeal made by Hollywood, partly to fight piracy (it’s harder to illegally copy, download and watch a 3D movie), partly to get people out of their homes and into the cinemas (US cinema attendance was at a five-year low in 2010) and partly to better compete with the meteoric rise of videogames.

via Wired-UK

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UPDATE: No, I’m not joking