Henry Pether Week at TechnoChitlins

Langham Gallery:

Henry Pether was born into a family that was well known for artistic talent. His father Abraham established a reputation as a specialist painter of moonlit landscapes and is often referred to as “Moonlight Pether”. The family came from Chichester.

Abraham had another son, Sebastian, who was also influenced by his father’s artistic interests and he too painted moonlit scenes.

It is generally accepted that Henry was by far the most talented and capable artist. His work has a security in terms of composition, control of detail, atmosphere and coloring which is greatly superior to his father and brother.

(His) painting shows the romantic quality of light which makes Henry’s work so striking. He favored actual scenes, often on the Thames or in Venice, and th(ese) painting(s) convey the poetry and realism of his best work. His father and brother tended to repeat romanticized capriccio subjects, often with overstated blue tones which lack conviction. Henry’s palette was more sensitive and truthful to nature, as these very fine example(s) demonstrate.

Henry Pether died in the workhouse in Chelsea.

Haynes Fine Art:

Henry Pether was a painter of landscapes, especially by moonlight. He was probably the son of Sebastian Pether, also an artist. Henry exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1828 to 1862, the British Institution and Suffolk Street. Pether was known for his beautiful moonlight scenes along the Thames, however he also painted other English views and scenes of Venice too.

Gotta love the last line of the Langham quote; the fate of most artists, I guess. Nothing much more than a selection of his paintings about this guy on the internet. He burned brightly, in obscurity, for a short time, then was gone- but left behind some remarkable moonlit landscapes. Enjoy!