Hülya Özdemir Weeks at TechnoChitlins


Artist Hulya Ozdemir composes ethereal portraits of women in watercolor washes.
She mixes patterns and forms boldly in each of her pop-culture inspired compositions, using her brushstrokes to express her feelings. Each of the women’s eyes have a sense of mystery embedded in them where they seem to have established a bond with the viewers. While many illustrators create portraits laced with sadness and pain, Ozdemir’s ones have an air of effervescence that possess the power to lift your spirits.

horst und edeltraut:

Who are you? What do you do?
Basically, I’m a colour hunter. I use my imagination as a colour catching net and collect them for my new paintings.
Where are you from?
I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been living in Bodrum (south Aegean) for 3 years.
Your style in 3 words?
colour harmony sensibility

Your weakness? Your strength?
My weakness is perfectionism and my strength is to turn perfectionism into advantage.
What makes you different?
I think my paintings are timeless. My portraits do not remain imprisoned in a single statement. Their gazes are changing, just like us. One day in the same picture is sad, another day is possible to see a happy face.
When did you decide to become an artist?
It’s not about decisions. I can say, literally, I was born this way.

Some Modern pix for you Modern folks. She’s pretty darn good…