Common Sense

An sensible explanation of the difference between e-cigs and cigarettes…

Vaping has allowed both my wife and myself, smokers since the Sixties, to completely abandon cigarettes and all the nastiness associated with them. Naturally, the government wants to regulate them out of existence and the nanny-staters are in lockstep.

There’s a new brand of Puritanism sweeping this country and we will all suffer because of it. The anti-vapers are but one aspect.

See my original post on this subject here. I know this hits home to many of you, as that post remains one of the most popular I’ve ever done.

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You’re Doing It Wrong

David Thompson-

Though I’m not convinced that staring intently at chubby amputee porn is going to do much for me, or will recalibrate my preferences, so hopelessly entrenched are my capitalistic, neoliberal tendencies. Readers are of course invited to try it anyway and report back on how it goes. I promise we won’t judge.

Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world…