Drudge’s ‘blockbuster’

Well, the vaunted Daily Caller video has been released and played on Hannity(who I cannot stand) and the general consensus seems to be- meh. I swear it seems that the Lightbringer could barbecue live kittens on stage and his poll numbers wouldn’t deviate an inch.

I’m thinking that many folks have ‘way too much personally invested in their support for Teh Won too ever admit that the events of the past few weeks have done anything to change their opinion of the man; any admission that perhaps they made a mistake in voting for him will directly reflect, poorly, on them as a human being. This is what happens when you identify a candidate too strongly with your own self-image.

As for me, I’ll vote for Romney, not because I identify with him in some deep way, but because I think he’d be a better hire for the job of President than the current employee. No more, no less.

The Good Lord help us if we keep the current guy though- he flat just isn’t working out at all…