“Not a Serf or Vassal”

Speak it, sister!

via Miz Ann

From her commentariat:

What in effect we have as of right now base on this IRS testimony is a shakedown protection racket mob style, with Don Urkel at its head and the rest of the families that make up the cabinet. That’s what the federal government has now become, the mob, the mafia, and yet, I don’t see a single one of them that work within it coming up against any RICO statutes. But then again, why would they impugn their own. That’s like grading your own final. Hey, guess what,m I got a 100%. I’m awesome. Not even Sebelius who has admitted as much. You can’t have a mob state and think to yourself that it will go on, in this way much longer. Everyone can see it and they are disgusted by it, well, except for the sycophantic leftist citizenry that thinks giving the big fuck you to republicans and conservatives is what they deserve.

The natives are restless. Can you hear the drums?