A bitter truth

Those who are looking for a smoking gun that will finally, once and for all, prove The Preznit is ultimately culpable for the misbehavior of his subordinates are doomed to be disappointed. As Limbaugh said, mentioning the American Thinker Article, there is not nor will there be a smoking gun to link Obama to any of the current scandals.

From Ace of Spades:

So all Obama has to do is publicly castigate and demonize his those who oppose his policies (which he has done many times), and thugs like Eric Holder and Lois Lerner swing into action. No need for anyone to tell them what to do. They know what pleases Obama, and they will use the means at their disposal to carry out his wishes, to wit: to suppress and neutralize his enemies. Conservatives get on Obama for being a crappy leader, but that’s not completely accurate. This is leadership. It’s leadership, Chicago-style.

The lack of direct documentary evidence linking Hitler to genocide is interesting and if he had been captured alive, I’m not sure how the Nuremberg prosecutors would have built a case against him. Especially if he had pulled an Obama, thrown Himmler and Goering under the bus and piously claimed that the first time he had heard of the whole death camp thing was when he had read about them in the papers.


It’s at the point that a wholesale housecleaning is needed- not just in the elected ranks, which, face it, is easy enough to do if enough people get motivated. The bigger housecleaning is going to be among the ranks of the civil servants- those who look on government work as a career in and of itself and not a temporary, mildly distasteful duty. Those are the ranks that have a vested interest in a government that grows ever bigger. Those are the people who are 90% aligned with the progressive movement. Until a solution is found for them, nothing will ever really change.

Perhaps a rail, tar, and feathers (some assembly required) for the most egregious of them is what’s needed- Pour encourager les autres.