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Lem said…
We kill our very own, in the womb, over a whole host of reasons, one of which, I believe, includes economic insecurities.In the midst of that, we turn around and open the border to welcome more and more takers, to give them things we are mortgaging future generations to pay for.It’s crazy stupid. You know… there is some crazy shit that’s harmless. This is crazy harmful.

edutcher said…
Icepick said…edutcher, the two best numbers for talking about the state of the current economy are these:We’re still two MILLION jobs short of where we were in December of 2007.

We’re still FOUR million FULL TIME jobs short of where we were in December of 2007.

Both those numbers courtesy of the BLS, if one cares to dig a little. And I believe those numbers are cooked, as well, to make the current thugs in office look better than they are

Ice, I think a lot of things are being cooked these days. I can appreciate what it must have been like in Dusseldorf around 1937.

But every once in a while, the truth slips out.

This was his real rating before sandy, and probably was after. At this point, they can’t lie too hard or they’ll be found out.


I do not hear discussion about whether we need none, little, some, or a lot of immigration, and if we do, what type of immigration we should seek. Do we need millions more of semi and unskilled people from Mexico and other poor countries? Absent widespread elimination or reduction in minimum wage, taxation, public assistance, and zoning laws, how will these people contribute to the economic growth of our country? This is not nineteenth century America with small factories and workshops on every street corner, and belching smokestack industries eager for cheap workers. This is the America of EPA regulations, OSHA bureaucrats, job killing minimum wage and health insurance laws, outsourcing, and of a growing ethos that sees single parents living on the public dole as an honorable existence. It is also the America of multiculturalism whereby immigrants are encouraged never to become Americans.

The rubbish being put out by Obama and others on the taxes that these new immigrants will pay is just that rubbish. They will draw public assistance and not pay taxes. What impact will this continuing flood of poor migrants have on the job and advancement prospects of struggling poor and middle class black, white and brown Americans? I haven’t heard much said about that, but I predict it won’t be good.

Is our immigration law going to continue based on the idea of family reunification? Will adults be able to petititon for their adult sublings and those siblings families? Will we continue to ignore promises that the new immigrants will not become a public assistance burden? If so, we are in for an endless cascade of new immigrants petitioning for their relatives and on and on and on. Yes, sure, technically we will have solved the “illegal alien” problem by making them all legal. Is that what is best for our country, I stress for our country not for the Democratic party?

Bob Owens:

There were forty-seven shot and seven killed in Chicago over the weekend. This occurred in  the heartland of America, in a city in which boasts of the strictness of its gun laws.

This is greater carnage that the low-grade war still being waged across Iraq between government forces and various insurgent groups.

This is comparable to our losses in the entire Afghan war zone over the same time period.

This is comparable to the dead and injured in continued fighting between factions in Libya.

This comparable to Turkey’s riots which have garnered international condemnation.

This is only slightly less than the casualties of the Syrian Civil War.

Despite the bodies filling the morgue and screaming wounded filling emergency rooms, progressives insist this third-world conflict in Cook County is a model of how strict gun control makes citizens safer.

Tell us another lie. This one isn’t working.


TENNESSEE WAS ONE OF THE LAST STATES TO PUT PHOTOS ON DRIVER’S LICENSES, and people who objected were called paranoid. But now: State photo-ID databases become troves for police. “The faces of more than 120 million people are in searchable photo databases that state officials assembled to prevent driver’s-license fraud but that increasingly are used by police to identify suspects, accomplices and even innocent bystanders in a wide range of criminal investigations. The facial databases have grown rapidly in recent years and generally operate with few legal safeguards beyond the requirement that searches are conducted for ‘law enforcement purposes.’”

Nope. No comment. None needed.