“He would not have made it”

Some words from the Diplomad:

Many years ago I was asked to address a class of new FSOs at the Foreign Service Institute in Northern Virginia. These new officers were about to go overseas on their first assignments. Since I had served in Pakistan, the instructor told me to expect to hear concerns from female officers heading to Muslim countries. I gave my little insipid pep talk. In the Q-and-A session, as the instructor had predicted, a woman officer asked how tough it would be for her in a Middle Eastern Muslim country. I still have the notes of what I said, “If you’re a woman get out of the Foreign Service. If you’re a man get out of the Foreign Service. If you’re black, brown, or white get out. If you’re Jewish, Christian, Hindu, or anything else, get out. When you’re out there, you’re an American. You represent only the United States, nothing else. You cannot let your interlocutors see you as anything other than as an American representing the USA.”

This President would not have made it through that class.