Flood the zone


Sometimes an idea is both so jaw-droppingly brilliant and obvious at the same time it must be the product of a superior intellect. Ladies and Germs, I present The Blogfather:

With the obvious politicization of the bureaucracy, which probably isn’t limited to the IRS, what to do about the civil service, which is overwhelmingly Democratic? My advice: Flood them with interns. And as part of their training, the interns should be told: “If you see anything funny, talk to us (the intern program office) about it.” Result: Thousands of eyes and ears everywhere.

As the IRS scandal (ongoing) has made perfectly clear, the problem is not the politicians; they can eventually be ousted one way or another. The problem is the lifers in ‘Civil Service’- they’re “dug in deeper than an Alabama tick” to use my homie’s vernacular.

Into the breach, younguns…