Other voices, other cultures, universal truths


Sometimes it is interesting to get a perspective from ‘across the pond’- in this case, Gates of Vienna:

“Gun Control” is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for much longer than guns have existed. It’s been a universal phenomenon amongst human societies. And it’s never been about public safety. It has been, and always will be, an act of caste stratification and population control.

In ancient Feudal societies all around the world, notably China and Japan and many parts of Europe and the Middle-East, peasants and plebeians were prohibited from owning weapons. When the ruling aristocrats and feudal land-owners required a military force, their trusted retainers would issue arms to conscripted peasant-levies, and send them into battle as vanguards of the main force. After battle finished and the troops had looted the field, the retainers would retrieve these weapons and send the serfs back to work. Why were the commoners prohibited from possession of weapons?


To prevent uprisings.

Folks over here should keep this in mind when they hear the mindless cries to ‘outlaw those awful guns’. They’re the only thing that truly keeps you free.