Harsh, Brutal, and Laugh-Out-Loud true


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Chris Muir of Day By Day links to the ZMan. Hilarity ensues. TRIGGER WARNING: The ZMan goes places most folks fear to tread.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Education policy and all of our debates about crime, poverty and the underclass are all based on something we know is nonsense. That thing is the belief that the kid will grow up to be something different than his parents. The fact we all know is that almost all kids turn out to be, more or less, like their parents.

Public policy is based on the belief that the right teacher, the right program, the right social worker will magically overcome biology. We all know this is nonsense, but we go along with it because it beats the alternatives. The rare exception of the kid overcoming bad parents makes us feel good so we go along with the lie, even though everyone suspects it is a mistake.

Read at your own risk. Me- I laughed and cheered.