Raoul Hynckes Weeks at TechnoChitlins

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Raoul Hynckes ( Brussels , 11 May 1893 – Blaricum , 19 January 1973 ) was a Dutch painter of Belgian origin. The style of Hynckes was initially impressionistic, but in the thirties of the last century he began allegorical still lifes to paint in a very realistic manner and in an extremely fine and meticulous painting style (withered trees, old nails, skulls). He is counted among the magical realists . Regularly he also worked as bookbinding designer and poster designer. Hynckes gained further fame through his autobiographical writings “Friends of Midnight”, appeared in the series Private Domain.

Skulls, ships, and streets; Hencke was another part of the post-WW1 explosion of the arts, a small player in the documentation of the end of one world and the birth of a newer, harder one. Magical Realism is a good term for his work.