Anders Andersen-Lundby Weeks at TechnoChitlins

Monument to Andersen-Lundby placed where he grew up.


Anders Andersen-Lundby was born in Lundby, Denmark. He grew up in Lundby near Aalborg. In 1861, when he was twenty, Andersen-Lundby traveled to Copenhagen, and there he exhibited his works for the first time in 1864. By 1870, he gained popularity especially with his winter landscapes from both Denmark and southern Germany, most often with fallen snow or thaw.
In 1876, he moved to Munich with his family where he exhibited his paintings. He frequently visited Denmark and participated in exhibitions there. He exhibited at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 1864-1913. [3] [4]
In 1865, he married Thora Adelheid Børgesen (1842-1911). He died in Munich during 1923.[4]

What better than winter landscapes in the heat of summer?