The Middle East- the Undiscovered Country

Frank J points us to a chilling but logical explanation of our current, er, issues with folks on the Islamic side of the world-

The Czar would like to remind the rest of the media that a 17-minute mini-mess of an insulting parody on YouTube made by an imaginary Israeli-American filmmaker (but apparently made by a very real Egyptian hoaxer looking to spark a violent protest) is not a trailer for an upcoming movie. You have been duped by the bad guys, and you keep repeating their lie either because you want to believe it, or you enjoy seeing these protests spread. By the way, media, you think most of these protestors even have access to YouTube? No, that’s been shut off by their governments, so they are simply reacting to what you keep repeating. Nice work, jerks.

Eric’s piece is fundamentally correct: the typical Egyptian protestor is as unswayed by discussions of the range of acceptable free speech as a badger would be impressed by your algebra homework. This is beyond alien—it is not worth the time to ponder. And Eric points out, this is far more reaching than just Egypt—Eric highlights a quote that mostEuropeans cannot fathom how free speech is supposed to work. And sadly, Eric concludes with perfect logic that democracy as we expect it will never happen when the very first liberty is an alien concept.

From there the post leads to a logical conclusion.

Because what they do understand is that President Obama is a weak horse: he has neither the desire nor capacity to deal with this. And never mind whether or not this is a failure of the President, the Secretary of State, the Embassy staff, the military, or whomever…again, those are our distinctions—they see President Obama as the American government. If you disagree, read Eric’s quotes in his blog—at least one protester thinks President Obama produced the movie himself, because that’s what their government does.

Folks, we’re being led by amateurs and babes-in-the-woods, and if we don’t rectify this problem at the ballot box then I despair for our country.

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