Gun purchasing tips’n’trix

Overheard on a comment thread at Ace of Spades:

Part of it needs to involve new and inventive ways to finance them
without the Mrs. finding out about it, making your life miserable for a
week, and finally clubbing you to death with it in your sleep.

Among the many inventive ways quilters hide their purchases from their husbands: when you buy groceries, use your debit card and get $20 cash back. It goes in your financial records as “groceries” (the line in the online checking only says “purchase at Food Store”) and you get $20 to spend as you see fit.

Then you drive around with your new fabric in the trunk of your car for awhile before you sneak it into the house, and then when your husband asks if that’s new fabric, you truthfully answer, “No, I’ve had it for awhile.”

Or you could just be an adult and talk to your spouse about what you’re doing, but I’m told that’s an unrealistic view of the world held only by women too defective to be married, so what do I know.

Posted by: HeatherRadish™ at November 20, 2012 12:57 PM (ZKzrr)

I like it!