A Football Fantasy

Suppose that, instead of the traditional blimp circling the stadium providing aerial views of the football game, instead you had a Predator drone prowling above. Broadcasters could marvel at the quality and detail of the pictures, and discount the fact that the picture contained a crosshair. “Why, you can count the fillings of their teeth!”

For halftime, small Toyota pickup trucks, called ‘technicals’ the world over, would be brought out on the field to serve as targets for the Predator. For authenticity actors dressed as terrorists would be riding in the trucks carrying AK-47s. We could then demonstrate the swiftness and accuracy of the strikes.

Any craters that could not be leveled by the end of halftime would serve as natural hazards a la golf for the second half of the game.

What could go wrong?

N.B. In cities with particularly rowdy fans such as Philadelphia and Oakland the Predators could serve as crowd control.