Drawing the line

It looks like we’re close to rolling out the guillotines, folks.

the_reign_of_terrorVox Day has some commentary:

And now Mozilla is out a perfectly good CTO, Eich has been humiliated and is unemployed, the left-wing lunatics have been encouraged by successfully taking a scalp, and every Christian and conservative in corporate America now knows that it is purge or be purged time. (Don’t forget, small business owners, it is legal under federal law to fire an employee for his Democratic Party affiliations.) All because the Mozilla board did not know its internal candidate well enough to realize that he lacked the backbone to be a CEO-caliber leader.

If you are, like I am, upset that the LGBT crowd has taken another scalp– Branden Eich of Mozilla, who invented Javascript- then there is a small way you can express your displeasure. Stop using Firefox. A good alternative is Pale Moon– it is a fork off the Mozilla project but is completely independent of them.

In the late Ming Dynasty in China, the eunuchs took over. No nastier bunch in world history. We’re starting to live it over again today.