A thoughtful and insightful post

– from Ace of Spades. I know, I know. Stay with me, though.

We have had three generations now with a rallying cry of “tear down the old, bring on the new!”. Open Blogger asks the not-so-obvious question, “and replace it with what?”.

When I see, from the entire left side of the political spectrum, more and more strident demands to end Western culture as we know it, I wonder if these people have any clue exactly what it is that they are asking for. King Midas got exactly what he wanted, to his everlasting horror. There’s a lesson in that, an important one, but one that I suspect is lost on someone who navigates through life by the seat of their righteousness, guided by the certainty of their conceit.

We have an entire segment of the population…..the race baiters, the SJWs, the various flavors of communists, anarchists, socialists and anarco-whatevers, feminists, gay rights crusaders, activists of every stripe…..all of who remind me of nothing so much as the proverbial fish who is ignorant of the water in which he is swimming. Like that same fish attempting to drill a hole in the bottom of his tank to “escape”, I don’t think that getting the results they claim to desire would be to their benefit at all.

But let’s keep drilling!

The first leg of the three legged stool that supports Western civilization came from the Jews, and it’s monotheism. The idea of one God as opposed to many different gods begats the concept of absolute right and wrong, which is necessary in order to have the concept of morality. Morality is what takes humans away from a world where might makes right.

The second leg came from the Greeks and Romans, and that’s the idea that the world has certain natural laws, that these laws are universal, and that they can be studied and understood and even manipulated. From this comes science, of course, but a better term for this would be reason.

Finally, from the Anglo-Saxons we got the concept of rule of law. Just as there are universal natural laws that govern nature, so too must man’s laws for governing man must be universal. Nobody is above the law, thus everyone is treated equally. Equality is the third leg.

Note- equality of treatment, not outcome. You still have to make your own way in the world. Or that’s how it used to be…

As I always say, RTWT.

It’s going to be sad and funny when these folk are the first to be shuffled off to the new Gulags. We’ll get to revel in the expressions on their faces- because we’ll be shufflin’ right along with them.