Satan owns their hearts

I, like most of you, saw the convulsions this weekend up in DC; like, or maybe unlike you, I was repelled, not so much by the message- but by the medium. There is an essential sickness loose in our country, an angry intolerance for any views not exactly like our own. I was not raised that way- for all the problems in my family I can unhesitating say that my sisters and I were taught to think for ourselves, to puzzle things out on our own, to not be swayed by the popular emotion.

But now we have the wimminz in the Klitoris Kostumes; the hatred of the White and the Male; and, while my first instinct is to react angrily in the end I’m just sad and disgusted.

I didn’t know how to express this without coming off as a Hater. Discourse today is a minefield of trigger words and doubleplusungoodthink; but I ran across a post that expresses most clearly what I see going on.

(begins with a quote of a ranting woman from this weekends events)

Well, bless your poor blackened heart. Never go full vagina hat, sweetie.

But seriously, I’ve been thinking about what drives this hysterical behavior and I’ve decided that it mostly boils down to a fundamental lack of gratitude.

I’m not going to recount how fortunate we are in America. Everyone on this blog knows it. I wake up some days and literally thank God that I can take a warm shower in clean water. What we have, materially, is undeniably amazing.

But there’s poverty of goods and poverty of spirit. The women who act out this kind of absurd personal theater are generally well-off materially, but utterly impoverished spiritually.

Now Ace or others might disagree with this, but I would argue that the strongest spiritual links that you can form with God are faith and gratitude in that order. Paul, for example, responded to being flogged and thrown into prison not with wailing and despair, but by singing God’s praises. He had faith and gratitude in such abundance that no circumstance could shake his connection to God.

When I see these women, who are blessed with more freedom, justice and material prosperity than almost any human beings to ever live on this Earth, crying, wailing, and lashing out at the world, I see people with neither faith nor gratitude.

It’s no surprise, then, that they act like lunatics. Satan owns their souls. You cannot wake up every day and deny the goodness all around you and be happy, healthy and well adjusted. You cannot regularly stew in anger, hatred, spite and resentment and stay connected to God.

These people are lost. I do feel sorry for them, but I also understand that they’re living in a hell of their own making. Their misery belongs to them and only them.


Sad, sickly souls, lashing out. Bless their shriveled little hearts.