Gird your loins, keep your powder dry, and all that…

Battlespace preparation. Demonization of the other. Choosing sides.

It is all happening. It’s scary and depressing, but I think this fellow has a better read on where we are than most. My first instinct is to think, “Pray that he’s wrong”, but I honestly don’t think he is. Feelings are running too high.

We, as the citizens of the United States, of all political persuasions, are on a near inevitable course for a civil war.

Shocking words to some. But, to those who’ve been watching, listening, and reading the escalating legislative overreaches, vitriolic rhetoric, and acidic punditry, know, deep in their guts, that this is our final port of call. We as a people are mentally and emotionally preparing ourselves for the many black acts that, all too terribly soon, will become common-place. The battle-lines are being drawn, (by all sides), the logistical preparations are being made, and the cauldron’s lid rumbles, threatening to boil over at the first excuse.

Before you snort and dismiss this out of hand, read the article. Then tell me there aren’t some strong parallels to other times of revolt and turmoil in history.

Everywhere we set our gaze, we patriots see battle-space preparation – both mental and physical. The government passes laws and edicts useless to a free people, but indispensable to tyrants. The great agents of provocation and rhetoric have stepped forth, both amongst the people, and against themBoth sides are in the process of arming themselves on an unprecedented scale. And we the people have coarsened and began dehumanizing one another – for only then, after we have reduced “the other side” to maggots, can we Americans properly commence slaying our countrymen with a zeal no other people can match.

We told you constant reader, not to expect peach-cobbler with a scoop of butterscotch ice-cream. No, today we explore the dark recesses of the American psyche, and examine the interstate to purgatory we willingly hurtle ourselves inexorably down.

It’s all too obvious where this path leads. This same ramp up of arms, deeds, laws, and words has taken place so many times in our past, and just as it was in 1775 and 1860, it is now. We make no apologies for being the harbingers of foul times. We simply call things as they appear. Presently, you are witnessing a pre-revolutionary society, and the escalations shall continue until one faction is crushed, abandoned in failure, or our system of governance collapses in ruin.

Read the whole thing. And prepare. You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

And after preparing, pray he’s wrong.

via Bob Owens (@Bob_Owens), who’s ‘unsettled’ as well