Reynolds 2016

I don’t see a single thing to disagree with here-

1. Taxation: Everybody pays income tax. Enough to feel, regardless of income. (Say, 2-5% of gross income?) And the amount goes up and down each year in tandem with federal spending. Also, Hollywood fatcats will be expected to pay their fair share. And there will be sharper limits on charitable donations, and on universities’ ability to hoard their endowments while raising tuitions.

2. In foreign policy, a strategy of rewarding our friends and punishing our enemies, instead of the reverse. An idea so crazy it just might work!

3. Education: Abolish the Department of Education. Take half the current budget and turn it into education vouchers. Put the rest toward deficit reduction.

4. Budget: A 5% across-the-board cut in spending, repeated each year of my first term, said cuts to be actual reductions from prior-year spending. Also, federal budgeting to be done according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, not the current hocus-pocus. Anyone calling something a “spending cut” when it’s really just a decline in the rate of growth shall be mocked publicly and pitilessly by the Official White House Mocker, Iowahawk.

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Extra Special Added Bonus- blended puppies!