Pictures from this year- and a little background on one…

Buzzfeed has put up a really nice selection of beautiful and in some cases heart-wrenching photographs from the last year. Here are some I liked:

A Syrian refugee boy points a plastic toy pistol at a man in a Mickey Mouse costume on the first day of Eid al-Adha at a park in Beirut.

I’m sure one of the signs of a failed society is when your children point a gun at Mickey…

A Tibetan exile runs through a street during a protest against the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao.

A scene from a land being stolen and a people being slowly exterminated. Somehow not sexy enough to make the news much- I guess we need that Chinese stuff too badly.

A Palestinian girl tries to punch an Israeli soldier during a protest against the expansion of the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish.

(as always, click pics to embiggen, they’re worth it)

Just another day outside of Gaza- actually, maybe more of ‘just another day’ than you might think. American Digest linked this video which somehow casts that image in a wholly different light:

[jwplayer mediaid=”1320″]

Pictures can lie, and also deceive. It all depends on your agenda, and some agendas are more obvious than others. Dang devious Jews.