We have become willfully blind

So willfully blind we cannot see the terrorists among us…

Bomb-makers in Minneapolis

A big explosion occurs next door to a mosque that has an unabashed affection for the Muslim Brotherhood, in a Somali neighborhood where terrorists are known to hang out — what could possibly be amiss with that? Nothing, except possibly an Islamophobic hate crime, according to CAIR.

The explosion was subsequently blamed on a gas leak, which is interesting because the Star Tribune has been caught lying about its conversation with the gas company responsible.

Throw in the fact that Homeland Security was spotted on the scene and it points to the probability that the police and media are covering up the explosion of a Somali bomb-making factory in Minneapolis.

Nothing to see here folks, move along. And when the Mall of America goes up in flames, we’ll wonder how on earth that could have happened.

via Vox Popoli