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If you think no one today paints like the grand masters of old, that realistic painting is a dead art- killed by photography and computer imaging- I have a surprise!

Stanislav Plutenko

Stanislav Plutenko / Artist`s Profile

Stanislav V. Plutenko (born 1st March 1961)
«See the extraordinary and make it still more extraordinary»
Painting, including wall & ceiling painting
Design: private interiors, magazines, CDs

The artist’s signature method — a mixed technique employing oil, tempera, acrylic, watercolour — is skilfully supplemented with masterly airbrushing and finest glazing with clear paints.

Studied at the Moscow University of National Economy, taking lessons in painting from private masters. 1984 — first woks created.
1985 to 1990 — designer’s work in commercial advertising.
1991 — joined UNESCO’s guild of graphic artists.
1997 — Grand-Prix at the ‘Golden Brush’ exhibition.
From 2000 — close cooperation with the Order of Courteous Mannerists.
Contributes to the Mezonin, Beauty, Vodka magazines
Worked with galleries: Arbat 48, Arbat 34, Mars, Aspire, Medici Haus, and others.
A big part of the works is found in galleries and private collections in UK, Germany, Canada, Monaco, United States, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.
Personal Exhibitions
2001 / ‘Visit Gallery’, Manezh, Moscow
2000-2001 / ‘Medici Haus’, Zurich, Switzerland
1999-2000 / Permanent exhibition in Aspire gallery
1998 / Albatross gallery, Moscow
1996 / Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), The Mall, London
1992 / Exhibition at Central Art Salon, Ukrainsky boulevard, Moscow
1991 / ‘Galleri + Keramik Baltiya’, Ulm, Germany
1989 / ‘Art-Russia’, Helsinki, Finland
1989 / Seppe gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 / Exhibition in Samara, Russia
2001 / ‘Art Salon’, Manezh, Moscow “ASPIRE”
2000 / ‘ARTMANEG’, Moscow “ASPIRE”
2000 / ‘Art Salon’, Manezh, Moscow “ASPIRE”
1998-2000 / Art salons in Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992-2000 / ‘Golden Brush’ exhibitions, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991 / ‘Okna’ (‘Windows’), 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya St, Moscow
1989 / ‘InterArt 89’, Glakhe Gallery, Moscow

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