Battle of New Orleans?

Wow, it looks like it’s gonna suck to be in Nawlins

This particular forecast is, as Maue says, a nightmare. There’s just been much more uncertainty than with most hurricanes, and that remains true, even at this late date.

As an aside, it looks like Isaac may be upgraded to a hurricane — or else very, very nearly one — at 5:00 PM Eastern. Stay tuned.

I have friends in Metairie- I surely hope it doesn’t play out like it’s looking now. For Mobile though, looks like just a good drenching.

If some of those models play out the midwestern U.S.  drought may just be about to end.

Any minute now

This is like waiting on your date on prom night (for us guys)-

Mebbe Izzy will, mebbe Izzy won’t. Later today might tell the tale, but there’s just as good a chance he will get to the middle of the Gulf this afternoon and just sit there thinking. Looks good for us right now but kind of sucky for Nawlins. Waiting, waiting…