Is anyone in charge?

U.S. Embassy in Egypt is attacked, flag pulled down and ripped up, Al-Quaeda flag hoisted. Embassy apologizes for free speech hurting Muslim feelings.

The Lightbringer appears with “Pimp With A Limp”.

U. S. Consulate attacked in Libya; Ambassador and others killed.

The One announces Letterman visit.

Netanyahu begs White House for a meeting, is told to ‘wait’.

Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Does anyone even care? Part of me wants to rant and rave, but the biggest part of me is just quietly disgusted and ashamed. We have fallen so far, and as near as I can tell, the vast majority of folks in this misbegotten country think no more of a Presidential election and what it truly means than they think of an episode of ‘American Idol’.

Hope you’re happy when the thugs in jackboots and the fanatics with Korans come for you; it’s a dead heat as to which will get you first.

I spit on every one of you that helped elect this pathetic fool we call the President.