Burge on the Midwest Crisis

Things are getting frightening in flyover country

A thousand miles south of Wisconsin’s sprawling Holstein pastures, Josh Davidson peers between the drawn drapes of his Plano, Texas apartment, looking for signs of suspicious green-clad strangers. It is his third day at the address, but he is already scanning the classified ads for his next residence. For this 37-year old, staying ahead of Packer radicals has become a full time job.

In November, Davidson — a self-described diehard Dallas Cowboys fan — made a fateful decision that would alter his life and whose reverberations are currently shaking the foundations of two societies.
“The Appleby’s in Frisco has two big screens, and I liked going there Sunday for the Cowboy games,” Davidson explained. “But one weekend there was this annoying bunch of Wisconsin immigrant idiots with foam rubber cheese wedge hats, screaming for the Packers on the other screen.”

In response, Davidson drew four provocative cartoons of revered Packer coach Vince Lombardi, and distributed Xeroxed copies to his co-workers at VHT Technologies in Plano. What he didn’t know is that one of co-workers was an alumnus of Marquette, and the cartoons would soon be circulated throughout the Packer world.

The response would be immediate and visceral.

This is a crisis that calls for cooler heads to prevail- Roger Goodell, where are you?

All I know is that my beloved Saints must venture into the chilly confines of the Frozen Tundra next Sunday- and waiting for them will be (especially after Monday’s debacle) thousands of pissed-off Packer Fans and and a football team with jihad on its mind. Tragedy could ensue…