The View of the Sheepdogs

Some thoughts from our more military-oriented citizens:


The people have spoken.
Posted by: Flinert Clunk9181

Or, at least, the 47% of them.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru

Bush got elected with a minority of the vote. Its a shitty system for sure, but it does give us the right to go round preaching to the rest of the world about what a great system it is.
Posted by: PlaneSPeeker

The American people have voted for the government they want, and they’re gonna get it…good and hard
Posted by: Frank G

A win for the Main Stream Media spinmeisters and the debate moderators. A loss for freedom.
Posted by: JohnQC

I agree Frank. I know you will appreciate this: this a.m. at a morning P.T. run I asked my peers – “are we the crazy ones or is it the 51% of adult electorate that are fucking idiots?”. All of them, highly educated, sharp, family men, patriots to the fucking core, men who have been in combat, Iraq, Afghan, etc – they know what a leader is, they know what it is to lead companies or battalions in CONUS or overseas — to a man — we are dismayed at last night’s results. We don’t get it. I don’t get it. Actually, that’s wrong, I do get it. We have a society of non-stoic, poorly educated, history-challenged, what’s-in-it-for-me types that can now vote. 40yrs of piss-poor indoctrinated public schools are bearing fruit. And as you so aptly said – the American electorate will get what they wanted. The road to serfdom will just continue unabated. I fear for our constitution and the country my children will fall in on.
Posted by: Broadhead6

Many years ago, my late father-in-law – who was in Illinois politics for a while – told me the American people get a much better level of government than they deserve. I thought it pretty cynical, at the time, but have come to understand what he meant. Broadhead 6 explained it.
Posted by: Bobby

 Yes America has changed. It’s far more urban, not just in the civic boundaries, but in attitude. When Detroits go belly up, the people just displace to another urban area, they don’t go back to the old homesteads. It’s an environment of delicate balance held in place by myriads of systems, just like the body. How fragile that system was amply demonstrated by Katrina and now by Sandy. Humans seek to bring control over their environment and in doing so will trade freedoms with its vagaries for promises that in the long run won’t be able to be kept. Carpe diem.

When the light switch doesn’t magically come on, when the toilets won’t flush, when the refuge won’t disappear, when the fuel doesn’t appear at the pump, when the food vanishes, they really can’t comprehend why. It’s one big Cargo Cult. There is no cause->effect connection. Their solution is to scream louder, throw tantrums, and find someone who’ll bring back the magic. Urban dependency.

Posted by: Procopius2k


Mr Wolf said…

Ruck up? WHAT fight?

I got only one recommendation to all of you- if you are in the military now, get out. OUT NOW. You are NOT going to like what it is going to become. Having lived thru the ’70’s force, and seen the absolute dreck, you are going to become demoralized, de-fanged, and de-railed.

Go. Do something else. Because being a ‘soldier’ isn’t going to be career-enhancing adjective any longer.

@Mr Wolf

The timing on your post is pretty amazing. I am supposed to meet with the Retention NCO this morning I ETS in AUG. I can’t bring myself to serve under him for another 4 years.

I think you may find the rugged individualist types may start dropping out now. We gave a lot to this country and have been told time and again, “We don’t want to be like you.” It’s about time we got the message and stopped contributing to a system that takes the best years of our lives, takes our resources, and threatens us if we march to a different beat.

I’m not saying to take active steps to accelerate the decline. Far from it. I’m saying that when the system comes for our sons or our help, we tell it to go eff itself.

Me? I have a plan in the works to live off the grid. I need to close the sale with some others, but it’s a workable plan.

Nine37 said…

If Romney won, I was headed to the military to join SF. SF is something I have always had this deep desire to do. I am currently a state trooper, happily serving and protecting those in my state, but after last night, I have a real hard time with the idea of willingly making him my CIC. We learned last night that half the country does not want to be responsible, they want free stuff and couldn’t see evil if it looked them in the eye.
Not a quitter but I feel sick this morning.
Got my ready ruck sitting in the corner ready to roll…call me crazy but you won’t call me dead.

Mr Wolf said in reply to Nine37

Nine- keep the day job. We’re gonna need tons more like you. CO passed legal mary-jane last night, so now our roads are going to be twice as nice. Your job descrip is gonna change with it. The only real change is, in SF you would likely have been SAFER.

It’s gonna get worse before it gets better…

Patriot said…

Whew… what a load off! Since according to the vote last night I’m in the minority now…so where do I line up for my free stuff? Huh? I have to quit my job? Ok. What next? Yes, I’m white, oh..that won’t work? I want my Obamaphone, free medical care, free food, free house… uh, what? Now I apparently I have to renounce my citizenship, migrate to Mexico then sneak back in? Ok, I can do that.

On the other hand maybe I’ll continue being an actual asset to society and keep my job so I can help support the other 51% of the population… and pay O’s higher taxes, Ocare, O shit! Either way there won’t be anything left of me.

Hey at least Texas carried Romney 57%…. I wonder if that’s enough for a vote of splitting the state up and seceding??? Hmmm…

Better get the ammo order in fellas… shelves will be bare by end of day. And no Barry, you can’t have my guns, none of them. I’m sure you will try anyway.

Mr Wolf said…

Oh- here are some examples of what 70’s ‘initiatives’ got us-

Dodge trucks for tactical vehicles (which begat us Chevy trucks- in DIESEL form)

Gamma Goats.

Disco-collared uniforms.

One prediction? Those coming thru the ranks now, who will not get a chance to deploy, will get all whiney because they don’t have patches and shiney objects to wear. So, they will come up with a ‘participant’ patch to wear on the right. Just so they look ‘even’. All those standing in a formation without a patch on the right- some SGM or commander will not like it. I mean hey, it’s just a stick-on, right?

You can bet on it.

In 2015, the ‘final tour’ will begin. Everything bolted into the ground, everything you can convey on, every public building with a door will be named after BO the First. There will be naming ceremonies like MLK and Geo Washington could only dream about.

No comment.

Going Galt, maybe

Glenn Reynolds publishes an email from one of his readers, and I use his quote in full:

READER ZACH WHITE EMAILS: “If Obama is reelected, good hardworking people should give up and go Galt. The tipping point is the 2012 election. Will the makers finally succumb to the takers? It’s pointless to think that if America reelects the most unqualified disastrous president in recent memory, we should stand our ground and continue fighting. it’s a signal that marxist free-lunchism and free birth control for everyone trump economic well-being and prosperity in the minds of the masses. Give up. Go Galt. Protect what few assets you have left, and start to hunker down for the coming storm. America is beyond screwed, well past the fiscal insanity of a number of EU countries. Think of it this way – we sit and watch California destroy itself and wonder who could be so foolish as to remain there and dedicate himself to indentured servitude in a state headed for disaster. Why don’t those fools just leave!! Same for Venezuela. as they descend into chaos and totalitarianism, do they reject Chavez more? The answer is plainly no. The spiral down the drain is irreversible and obvious. The more the government creates misery, the more they create programs to help people cope with the misery they’ve created, and we achieve a perpetual negative feedback loop. My advice is simple – if Obama is reelected, get a lawyer and a financial advisor, cash out as much of your assets as you can, and prepare yourself for a nosedive off a cliff. anything else would be imprudent and irresponsible to yourself and your dependents. Who wants to be a Dagny Taggart dedicating themselves to a life of indentured servitude trying to correct the wrongs of a heavy-handed government? i will not be volunteering. I didn’t give up on America, America gave up on me.”

I don’t know. I don’t know if the fight is worth it any more, either. It’s not in my nature to just throw up my hands and give up, but after the last ten years of my own life-experience – one of a steadily crumbling lifestyle, continued unemployment, and now a body blow that tells me that basically that, to the majority of Americans, I’m just ‘old and in the way’. Another part of me wants to sit back, wait, and enjoy a big ol’ bowl of schadenfreude.

I’m not like the fellow quoted above- I don’t have his options. That makes the immediate future just that more bleak.

I guess I’m feeling this now- all my life I’ve tried to play by the rules, but, though I realize a Capitalistic system makes no promises, I always felt that in the end I could make my own opportunities and make my own way. I could still hope, because after all, we’re that ‘shining city on the hill’, right? Well, last night was a brisk kick in the ‘nads. The system has broken. More takers than makers- and I’m a maker.

It’s just- right now- no one wants what I make. And I’ve got to eat. And I need a roof over my head. And for the first time in my life I see fading hopes that either will happen. No way out.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Benjamin Franklin, 1787

I hear bagpipes playing.

Truly saddened

Well, one thing became abundantly clear last night- we have become a nation of takers and the adults are no longer in charge. I’m truly frightened for my country.

Enjoy your victory, kids. Let’s hope it wasn’t as Pyrrhic as I think it is.