My Kirby, It Sucks

Anyone who ever toiled in the “Blowin’n’Sucking Business” as I did, or even just owned a vacuum cleaner, should relate to Gerard VanDerLeun’s recent missive- To Vacuum the Vacuum Use the Vacuum. A taste:

Then there’s “The Kirby” weighing in are over twenty pounds of solid chromed steel, titanium bristles that can skin a black rhino, and a woven cloth bag wrapped around the vacuum bag that could be made into an outdoor area rug. The motor in this bad boy is so powerful it can suck kittens out of my basement through the floorboards in the living room. It is the chopped Harley Hog of vacuums.

RTWT of course 🙂 From the comments,

It appears your vacuum abhors nature, Gerard.

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